Bharat No Itihas PDF In Gujarati Download 2022

By | 20 Sep, 2022

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Bharat No Itihas PDF In Gujarati Download 2022 : Are you searching for bharat no itihas pdf book in gujarati. Then You will Find Greatfull That we have wide range of study materials related to bharat no itihas in gujarati. If you are preparing for gpsc,tet,tat,bin sachivlay, nayab mamaladar,constable and any other gujarat government exam then this pdf will be helpful for you.

there are many study materials related to bharat no itihas is available online .but majority of this pdf are in hindi languages .so the students of Gujarat can read this histeoy pdf to overcome situation we are going to share the various study material related to bharat no itihas stay tuned and updated. with our latest materials of bharat no itihas.

About bharat No Itihas :

Below we have tried to mention bharat no itihas structure wise.

Ancient India –
Prachin Bharat Indus Valley Civilization.Vedic yugMagadha EmpireMauryan EmpireMaurya periodConfluence era

Medieval India – MadhykaLin bharat.Muslim invasions across IndiaMughal EmpireMaratha Empire

New India – Arvachin Bharat

Important dates:

  • Indian National CongressEstablishment of the Muslim League (1906)
  • Kamagatamaru scandal (1914)Lucknow Agreement (1916)
  • Home Rule League MovementChamparan Satyagraha (1917)
  • August Declaration (1917)
  • Rowlatt Act (1919)
  • Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919)
  • 20th Century Major Peasant Movement / Organization / RebellionWavell Plan and Shimla Convention (1945)
  • Cabinet Mission (1946)
  • Interim governmentMount Baton Plan (1947)

Bharat No Itihas Pdf In Gujarati Language :

bharat no itihas is one of the longest itihas . as many dynansti and rulers have ruled over india time by time. many culture came through india. first known source of bharat no itihas is of indus valley civilization, then budhdha yug,jaininism,ashok dynanesty, shak ,gupta vansh , muslim era, and then over 200 years angrez have ruled over india .there after in 1947 india got indipendance. all this thing we are going to cover in just one pdf.

Bharat na Itihas ni Tavarikho :

in this small pdf we have tried to cover up almost all the important dates on india. starting from indus valley civilization to in many central and state level examinations we have seen that dates play important role in marks. certain time thay asked the questions similar to what we have mentioned in our pdf. in below pdf we have tried to cover up all the important dates of bharat no itihas in gujarati. We have own created this pdf. you can download it and share it with your friends

Click here to download bharatnaa itihas ni tavarikho.

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