Big news for collegians: Base progress will be given in all the universities of the state without examination

By | 21 May, 2021

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CM’s decision to provide adequate merit-based progress this year in Covid-19 transition status Is coming. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani has taken a decision in the core committee meeting with an excellent price to protect the health of about 9.50 lakh youth of Gujarat. Intermediate semester students for all undergraduate courses in state government and private universities-colleges,

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that state government and private universities-grant in aid colleges as well as government And Intermediate for all private college undergraduate courses except Medical-Paramedical Students in Semester 2-4 and where Semester-6 is Intermediate will get the benefit of Merit Based Progress (Mass Promotion). 50% marks will be given on the basis of internal assessment and 50% marks will be given immediately on the basis of the previous semester.

A meeting of the core committee chaired by CM Vijay Rupani was attended by students studying higher education in government and private universities and colleges in the state.

CM decides to keep young students of the state safe in the current transition of global epidemic corona with health care price Except undergraduate medical-paramedical in state government and private university-colleges Intermediate Semester students will be given merit based progress for all courses.

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