Bin Sachivalay clerk’s exam will be canceled, SIT acknowledges malpractice has taken place

By | 15 Dec, 2019

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બિનસચિવાલય પરીક્ષા રદ કરવાની માંગ સાથે કરેલા આંદોલન દરમિયાન પરીક્ષાર્થીઓ


  • The FSL report was presented at today’s meeting
  • The final decision to cancel the exam based on the SIT report was left to the Chief Minister
  • There could be a big announcement on Monday about canceling the exam

What is the case?

Gujarat Secret Service Selection Board held on November 17 in Non-Secretarial Clerk More than seven lakh candidates from the more than 3,000 centers of Gujarat took the exam Was given. Candidates rage against evidence that the examination was stolen on December 3rd There was an outbreak and demand for cancellation of the exam On December 4, the government set up a SIT for investigation The investigation was handed over.

Footage of malpractice at congressional centers was released

Gujarat Congress President Amit Chawda on December 3 released video footage of the malpractices in this recruitment test at a press conference. He alleged that in the government It was only through the cohesiveness of some of the people living in the exam that there were profound malpractices.

Earlier, the exam was postponed on the issue of eligibility

Earlier, the government postponed the exam to replace the candidate’s eligibility standard-12 for this exam. Dates were announced. But there are also students Opposing the government’s decision, the government also canceled the announcement The standard for the 12th pass was retained.

The SIT recommended the CM

According to a member of the SIT, it was only in the sixth minute after the paper started that it was malicious The case may be counted, but the paper is not said to have exploded If the paper had been in the hands of an unauthorized person before the commencement of the examination In case the Examination Center is reached, the paper leaked to him There is a rule of examination called Therefore, SIT should report all cases as malpractices to the Chief Minister Recommended.

The government will take appropriate decisions

In addition, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), set up by the government soon, will have the Chief Minister at various centers in the examination. The examination was canceled, reporting that malpractices occurred at various centers Would recommend. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also addressed the matter immediately Will do. Talking to Divya Bhaskar, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said That SIT has not yet submitted its investigation report But as soon as the report is received, the government will immediately study it Will decide.


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