Corona became uncontrollable in this city of Gujarat, Corona Warriors

By | 10 Sep, 2020

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rajkot coronavirus positive case rmc

Corona’s havoc is still visible in Rajkot city. The system has come to a standstill with 154 new cases registered in the city in a single day. The transition to corona in the city is growing at an alarming level. However, the current Corona Warriors have also become a concern for the infected system. In which more than 300 employees of Manpa, including Deputy Commissioner, Health Officer have also been infected with Corona.

  • Corona Warriors became infected with Corona in Rajkot
  • More than 300 employees of Manpa infected Korona
  • 40 employees of PGVCL, 25 teachers infected with corona
  • 11 personnel of the post department infected the corona

In Rajkot district, the number of cases of corona infection is increasing at an alarming level. Corona Warriors are also getting infected. More than 300 employees of Rajkot Municipal Corporation have been infected with Korona.

In which the report of the Deputy Commissioner, Health Officer, Corona has come positive. 40 PGVCL personnel, 25 teachers have been infected with coronavirus. 11 personnel of the post department have been infected with corona. More than 300 government fieldworkers have arrived in Corona.

Thus, corona virus has become uncontrollable in Rajkot city. The system of registering 154 new cases in a single day in the city has also come into action. There have been 4054 positive cases of corona in the city. While even in rural areas 1969 patients are corona positive. The city has 1911 active cases of corona.

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