Did the Central Government do injustice to Gujarat in the Koro epidemic? Find out how much financial help was received in Covid-19

By | 28 May, 2020

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The Gujarat government, which is currently facing financial difficulties due to the Koro epidemic, has not yet received any special help or assistance from the central government. So far, Gujarat has received only Rs. 3 crore assistance has been given.

Experts say that at the time of the lockdown following the Koro epidemic, the Rs. 3 crore was given under the National Health Mission in the name of testing, equipment and setting up of necessary arrangements in Kovid-12. While Rs. 15 crore and Rs. 2 crore together. The Gujarat government was allowed to use the unspent savings in the state unit of the National Health Mission from previous years. Apart from this, no additional help-center has been provided.

However, sources in the secretariat are defending that no work has come to a standstill without money in the case of covid-12. The state government is still able to manage on its own.

In the year 2020-21, Gujarat received Rs. 1,3 crore, which was paid to Gujarat as the first installment a month and a half ago. 2 crore have been reaped.

This year, 10 per cent of the SDRF amount of Rs 1.5 crore, i.e. Rs. 15 crore for the purchase of essential health equipment and medicines as well as for the use of specially constructed Covid hospitals and another 5 per cent of the SDRF amount i.e. Rs. 50 crore containment zones, relief camps, vehicle requisition, PPE suits etc. to be used for procurement

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