Do you have a landline phone?

By | 18 Aug, 2020

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Do you have a landline phone?

WhatsApp is the most popular app in the world. This popular app offers all kinds of features to its users. A mobile number is required to run this app. But very few people know that you can run this app even without a mobile number, which means you don’t need a mobile number. The special thing is that you can also run WhatsApp from a landline number. For this you have to work on one of the tips.

WhatsApp can be run from a landline number like this:

  1. First install WhatsApp Business in your mobile phone, now open the app on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop.
  2. You will then be asked for your country code, then enter a 10 digit mobile number. Here you can also enter the landline number.
  3. Verification in the app will be done by SMS or then calling. We have used the landline, so the message will not come. But the app only sends SMS first. After a minute, the message or call button is activated again. Here you have to select the “Call Me” option.

  4. As you select the call option, the call will come to your landline number, there will be an automatic voice call, in which you will be shown a 6 digit verification code.
  5. Once you enter this verification code into the app, your WhatsApp account will then be set to a landline number. Profile photo and name can be kept here.

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