Driving Licence Exam In Gujarat | learning And Main License

By | 27 Feb, 2023

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Driving Licence Gujarat – Driving Licence Online & Offline Apply in Gujarat 2021 || JanvaJevu
Driving Licence Exam In Gujarat | learning And Main License: We Know Driving Licence is most important for us. if you want to get a new driving licence you should pass a driving licence exam in Gujarat for learning and main licence.

We provide the best material for Driving Licence Exam In Gujarat exam.

You may be issued two kinds of Driving Licences in India: Learner’s Licence and Permanent Licence. Learner’s Licence is a temporary document and is valid only for six months. You can avail a Permanent Licence only after you have completed one month from the date that your Learner’s Licence was issued.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Learner’s License in Gujarat

The below documents have to be submitted to the Gujarat RTO to obtain a learning license in the state.

  1. Age and address proof documents such as utility bills, PAN card, Aadhar Card, school certificate, birth certificate, etc.
  2. Application Form 2
  3. Application fee of Rs. 30
  4. Learning license test fee of Rs. 25
  5. Application Form 2
  6. Passport size photographs

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