Even if you deposit money in the bank for the fourth time in a month, there will be a charge

By | 29 Oct, 2020

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Even if you deposit money in the bank for the fourth time in a month, there will be a charge

Banks will now have to pay a fee for depositing and withdrawing their money.  Bank of Baroda has started it.  From next month, different fees will have to be paid for banking beyond the fixed limit.  Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Central Bank will also take a decision in this regard soon.  Bank of Baroda has fixed separate fees for current account, crash credit limit and overdraft withdrawals and for savings account withdrawals.  Withdraw money for the loan account as many times as you want in a month, you have to pay Rs 150 each time.  There is a fee of Rs 40 for depositing money in a savings account for the fourth time after three times.  Banks have also not given any relief to senior citizens.

 Banks started making big money by secretly charging

Various banks across the country are secretly levying various charges to cover their losses, of which customers are unaware.  Just as a leisure folio charge of Rs 200 per page is levied, CC or Audi is charged for any type of loan.  3 to 5 rupees per leaf is charged for check book charge.  If the check is returned for any reason, Rs 225 is charged.


What is the fee for crash credit, current account and overdraft?

 (1) No fee for depositing one lakh rupees in one day

 (2) One rupee charge of one thousand rupees on deposit of more than one lakh (minimum 50 rupees and maximum 20000 rupees charge)

 (3) No charge on withdrawals three times in a month

 (4) A fee of Rs. 150 for each withdrawal after the fourth time

 How much is the charge for savings account customers?

  1. No charge till three times deposit
  2. Charge of Rs. 40 on each deposit after the fourth time
  3. No charge for withdrawing money thrice a month
  4. A charge of Rs.100 for each withdrawal after the fourth time
  5. No exemption for senior citizens, they also have to pay the charge.
  6. Jandhan account customers will have to pay Rs. 100 only on withdrawal.

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