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By | 16 Jul, 2022

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1. How much is Gujarat’s contribution to India’s diamond exports?

– 90

2. What type of crop is tobacco?

– Cash crops

3. Gujarat is the largest producer of milk in the country?

– Third rank

4. Which rivers meet Narmada river?

– Huchi, Orsang, Amaravati etc

5. Ninoy falls?

– Dedyapada

6. What is the land between two rivers called?

– Doab

7. Where is Hill Millet Research Station located?

– Dahod

8. What is the high part of the desert called?

– Lanasari

9. Who are considered as salt absorbing crops?

– Tobacco

10. Where is the vast landscape seen in Gujarat?

— Small desert of Kutch

11. What was the ancient name of Gandevi of Navsari district?

– Gunapadika

12. Which district produces the most potatoes in Gujarat?

– Banaskantha

13. Which city in Gujarat is known for Aqeeq stone?

–  Khambhat

14. Aliabet is located in which river?

– Narmada

15. Which district of Gujarat has the least population?

– Dang

16. Which river is not Mukhtrikon?

– Narmada

17. Moist deciduous forests are found in which district in Gujarat?

– Dang – Valsad

18. What is the average literacy rate in the urban population of Gujarat?

– 86.31 percent

19. Which river is considered virgin?

– Banas

20. What is Vautha famous for?

– For confluence of seven rivers


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