Good news for Gujaratis about the license, the government made this important decision

By | 21 Jun, 2020

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Due to the Corona epidemic in Gujarat, the state government has taken an important decision that the validity (period) of all documents including driving license under the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act will be valid till September 30, 2020.

In the situation arising out of the lockdown announced by the Central Government and various State Governments to prevent the transmission of Corona.Government of India Road Transport to citizens regarding validity of documents under Motor Vehicle Act-18 and its rules And advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Highways.

According to the new advisory issued by the Government of India, vehicle fitness, permit (all types), learning license, driving license, registration certificate or Motor Vehicle Act-12 And the validity of all the documents under its rules will be considered valid till September 30 As stated in the list of the Commissioner of Transport


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