Good news / hotels, malls and restaurants will open with this guideline from June 8,

By | 6 Jun, 2020

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Good news / hotels, malls and restaurants will open with this guideline from June 8, find out what will be in the mall closed and open 2020.

The central government has announced new guidelines when malls, hotels and restaurants are allowed to open in Unlock-1 from June 8. According to which, everyone who goes to hotels, malls and restaurants must download the Health Bridge app. It is also mandatory to maintain a face mask and a distance of 6 feet. In addition, only those who do not have corona features will be allowed to enter hotels, malls and restaurants.

Announces new guidelines for malls, hotels and restaurants
Health bridge app mandatory for all travelers
Face mask and instruction to maintain a distance of 6 feet
This way all the places will be opened

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It has been instructed to make a round mark to ensure the line of people. All places have been ordered to be sanitized periodically, to maintain cleanliness. So shops can be opened inside the mall but game zone and cinema will be closed. The mall is instructed to keep the air conditioning at 24-30 degrees. Hotels will also be able to accommodate unskilled staff and guests. The hotel has been told to prioritize online payments. Emphasis will be placed on giving priority to parcel facility in restaurants. It is also important to maintain social distance while eating in restaurants.

If you go out, be careful!
◆New guideline for mall, hotel, restaurant.
◆Health bridge app mandatory for all travelers.
◆A face mask and a distance of 6 feet must be maintained.
◆Making a round mark for the line of people.
◆Only people without corona symptoms will be admitted.
◆All locations have to be sanitized periodically.
◆Crowds do not gather in the shops of shopping malls.
◆Shops will open inside the mall, game zone-cinema will be closed.
◆Instructions to keep the air conditioning in the mall 24-30 degrees.
◆Unmanned staff-guests will be admitted to the hotel.
◆Point to prioritize online payments in hotels.
◆To give online form to the guest in the hotel.
◆Disinfect before placing guest luggage in a hotel room.
◆The parcel facility in restaurants was asked to be preferred.
◆Point out to maintain social distance while eating in restaurants.
◆You have to take off your boots and slippers in your own vehicle.
The Ministry of Health of the Government of India has recently launched an app called Arogya Setu to fight the Corona virus epidemic. The app has been downloaded more than a million times in just four days. Trying to get as many people as possible to download it.

This app will alert you to the dangers of corona based on location
Railway employees and CRPF personnel ordered to download this app
The Railway Ministry has asked its 1.5 million employees to download the app. The Ministry of Human Resources has also asked all people, students and teachers affiliated with educational institutions to install the Health Bridge app.

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