By | 3 Jun, 2020

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Our technology enabled Medical Coding, Medical Billing, and Auditing solutions combined with an impressive team of certified and specialized professionals, utilizes proprietary technology to identify errors, compliance risk, quality assurance processes, and financial opportunity to streamline coding and auditing workflows both concurrently and retrospectively. With cost containment, compliance, denial prevention, and accurate reimbursement at top of mind, our flexible and scalable delivery options incorporate healthy investments in our people and technology. Our solutions consistently transform the success of our healthcare partners by focusing on accuracy to optimize performance with results driven outcomes.

Scalability – An outsourced medical coding company can scale to your patient volumes – to reflect shifts that are common with seasonality, changes in the economy, etc. without the hassle of modifying your workforce.
Reduced Overhead & Greater Budget Predictability – Outsourcing saves critical resources needed to cover costly salary and benefits packages. Outsourcing – particularly offshore medical coding can help organizations save money and resources associated with hiring and staffing medical coding teams.
Revenue Cycle Improvements – Coding backlogs often occur in large practices or health systems, particularly when volumes are high, or there are staffing problems due to coder job vacancies or vacation season. This can quickly result in cash flow problems. Outsourcing medical coding services allows a full-time focus on medical coding – with coders often working in various sites up to 24 hours per day for greater efficiency and speed. Prompt, accurate coding processes can help decrease accounts receivable days and restore healthy cash flow.
Accuracy in Medical Coding is Critical

With nearly 70,000 ICD-10 codes, accuracy in medical coding isn’t easy. It requires constant training, education and focus on the industry. Accurate medical coding has a significant impact on a healthcare organization’s financial performance. That’s why finding a medical coding company whose sole focus is staying on top of the latest changes in the industry and getting it right every time – is of paramount importance. Medical coding specialists who have no other distractions or responsibilities can take the time to assign the appropriate codes based on physician docum

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