Gujarat government does not know who to wear N95 mask! The horrible reality told by the doctors of the taskforce

By | 9 Jun, 2020

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The mask is a good weapon against the Corona virus, but sales of the N95 mask have once again come up against inequality. The government urges people to wear these N95 masks and has also made arrangements. Then according to the doctor, it is not advisable for a normal person to wear N95 mask. So the front secretary of the health department is covering up the government’s decision,

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, while addressing the people of the state on the 18th, urged them to wear masks and said that the state government had made arrangements at Amul’s parlor to make three layer as well as N95 masks available to the people at affordable prices. But today there is a contradiction in his decision

A task force of 09 doctors has been constituted by the state government on the Corona epidemic. According to Dr. VN Shah of the same task force, the N95 mask is for hospital use only. This mask does not need to be worn in public. This is because the N95 mask can cause brain problems. Accidents can result.

Taking the N95 mask, Dr. After NV Shah’s statement, Sandesh News questioned whether the N95 mask was not desirable for the general public, whether the government had consulted doctors before arranging sales at Amul’s parlor and urging people to wear it. So how did Jayanti Ravi, the front secretary of the health department, cover up the government’s decision?

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