Gujarat has made great strides towards finding Corona vaccine, making it the only state in the country

By | 16 Apr, 2020

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There has been an important breakthrough in finding corona virus vaccine in Gujarat. 


After the production of ventilators in Rajkot, PPE suite and now Gujarat Biotechnology Research have made an important discovery.
  • Gujarati made important discoveries
  • Tweet from CMO office
  • Another important finding after ventilators
Gujaratis succeeded in making ventilators in Rajkot to fight the corona virus in Gujarat. Gujarat Biotechnology Research has discovered the genome sequence of corona virus which will now facilitate coronary vaccine and drug preparation.
CMO’s Twitter Tweet

The official Twitter page of the CM office has been officially provided by CMO Gujarat.

CMO Gujarat

Gujarat is proud of scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), the only State Govt laboratory in India that has reported COVID19 whole genome sequence which will be helpful in tracking origin, drug targets, vaccine & association with virulence.

Gujarat is proud of the scientists of the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center (GBRC), the only state government laboratory in the country to know the entire genome sequence of COVID19 and to detect the origin of the corona virus, to target it, Only useful.

GBRC works to promote research and development in the biotechnology field.

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VTV News Report In Gujarati

Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center (GBRC) was established by the Department of Science and Technology on August 24, 2017. GBRC works to promote research and development in the biotechnology field.

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