Gujarat will no longer be allowed to go to Rajasthan, the Rajasthan government sealed the border

By | 8 May, 2020

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After the Rajasthan government sealed the borders with Gujarat Decision

Following the decision of the Rajasthan government to seal the borders with Gujarat for people coming from Gujarat and not allow anyone to enter, the Gujarat government has decided not to issue a pass from Gujarat to anyone who wants to go to Rajasthan. All District Collectors have been instructed not to issue passes to Rajasthan. In the third phase of the lockdown, foreigners, Students, workers to move to their home country as well as in case of medical emergency from one state to another Are allowed to move to another state.

Stopped issuing passes

On the other hand, after the Rajasthan government sealed the border for people coming from Gujarat, the government has now stopped issuing enough passes to Rajasthan. The government has decided that those who want to go to Rajasthan from Gujarat must first get approval from the Rajasthan government. He will be issued a pass from Gujarat to Rajasthan by the District Collector only on the basis of the approval of the Rajasthan Government.

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