How To Increase And Decrease Obesity? Challenge With Health

By | 21 Dec, 2022

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How To Increase And Decrease Obesity? Challenge With Health

Obesity is a sign of obesity, a disease that affects anyone, rich or poor, if they are overweight or overweight. This question is becoming challenging not only in the country but also abroad. Obesity can sometimes be dangerous to a person, leading to many physical ailments, and sometimes even death, Always Check Our Website to Know Upcoming Latest Jobs, Technology Tips and General Information Updates.

How to determine obesity : According to medical terminology, the weight of the body is calculated by the doctor by checking the body mass index (BMI) of the patient. The average person has a BMI of 15 to 6.5 kg, while a person with obesity has a BMI of 30 to 4.5, 6-7.5 or more.

Obesity, a health hazard : Obesity can sometimes be dangerous for a person, leading to some physical ailments, and sometimes even death. Obesity can also lead to some diseases, such as type-two diabetes, blood pressure, sleep apnea, fat in the liver, infertility, cancer, joint-waist-knee pain, swelling of the legs and varicose veins, heartburn as well as depression.

How To Overcome OBESITY ?

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The biggest advantage of bariatric surgery is that it is an accurate and largely permanent cure for weight loss.

Weight loss will be followed by BP, cholesterol, respiratory problems and diabetes. Back or joint pain also disappears and the person becomes energetic

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