How To Read Whatsapp Deleted Message

By | 6 Jun, 2020

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How To Read Whatsapp Deleted Message

WhatsApp has become an unofficially official tool to chat, and people do some serious conversations on this chat client. Sometimes, in a rush, users type some bloopers, and they regret those mistakes later. Thankfully, users found a way to delete their WhatsApp messages sent wrongly on their Android phones. But then some of us are curious to know the text that was deleted. The question arises how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android?
Earlier, this was possible for any user to read WhatsApp messages removed from Android. By long pressing the home screen, users could bring up the widgets; and from Settings, they used to find Notification log or notification history to check deleted WhatsApp messages. But in Oreo 8.0, this feature is not available, at least not in my OnePlus 3. However, I can always use two third-party apps to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on my Android phone.

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How to Read Messages Erased by Your Contacts on WhatsApp
Some users have a misunderstanding about the entire thing. They believe they can retrieve messages deleted by them. No, they can see WhatsApp messages deleted by senders.
Use Notification History or Notif Log Notification History on your Android phone.
Download either Notification History or Notif Log Notification History on your Android phone and follow the steps.
Step #1. Once the apps are installed on your device, open one of the two and give necessary permissions
Both apps will give you the same results, but different developers design them, and hence, there is some difference between the user-interface of the two apps.
Step #2. Once you give special access to the apps, they will override other apps to collect notification data.

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