India has given these steps to the WHO for the treatment of Corona virus

By | 1 Jun, 2020

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India has opened a front against the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against the corona virus epidemic. This time, India has signaled to the WHO with its new guidelines and research that the country will now stand alone in the fight against the corona virus. Will do whatever is necessary for research and treatment in the interest of the country. At the same time, Indian scientists have clarified.

India’s response to WHO’s directive on corona virus

Recently, the WHO pointed out to member countries that hydroxychloroquine can be dangerous in the treatment of corona virus. So he closed the trial. But Indian scientists have not only done research on the drug, but doctors in the country say it could be used to treat the corona virus. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said in its latest research that taking hydroxychloroquine has reduced the risk of coronavirus infection.

The Combat Indian Medicine vs International Group

An official of the Union Ministry of Health said that the point is that most of the scientists and pharmaceutical companies in the West have always tried to look down on India’s treatment of cheap drugs. Treatment of corona virus is possible with hydroxychloroquine made to prevent malaria. If the use of this cheap drug to prevent the corona virus is increased, the drug companies in the western countries will lose crores of rupees.

The WHO has been accused of spreading the corona virus. US President Donald Trump himself has questioned the role of the WHO. It is well known that many drug companies in the WHO have also tried to create pressure in different ways.

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