Indian Railways is giving huge opportunity to earn, unemployed people will become wealthy

By | 5 Jan, 2021

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Indian Railways is giving huge opportunity to earn, unemployed people will become wealthy

Indian Railways is now offering a huge opportunity to earn. This is the best chance for you if you also want to earn extra or start a business. Let me tell you, the Ministry of Railways has recently issued a policy of Goods Shadow Development at small and roadside stations by private investment. Under this policy, you can open your own canteen near the station or even earn money by opening a tea shop.

Under the Railway Ministry’s Goods Shadow Development policy, new goods sheds will be constructed and the old goods sheds will be upgraded with the help of private players. It also aims to increase the terminal capacity by developing goods sheds at present. You too can earn big by investing in this scheme of railways.

How can you earn?

Under this railway scheme, if you help in developing goods sheds at the roadside stations, the railways will allow you to set up small canteens, tea stalls, advertisements around the stations. Through which you can deduct your expenses as well as earn good money.

The private player has to do this development

In addition, the private player will be allowed to develop loading/unloading facilities, facilities for laborers, contact roads, covered sheds, and other related infrastructure facilities under this scheme. The private player will have to spend his own money to develop these features. All these developments will be based on the approved design from the railways.

Railways take no charge

Let me tell you, Railways does not charge any departmental charge from the private players. Features created from a private player will be used as a feature for the general user.

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