Instructions about the Result and L.C. of 1 to 8 std students

By | 22 Apr, 2020

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We know that the schools are closed from 16th of March for the students due to COVID 19 and hence the exam wasn’t taken of students of standaard 1 to 8. So all the teachers were confused about the preparing the results and how to give the LEAVING CERTIFICATE to students so Government publish the official letter and gave the official instruction to the teachers.Download the rules Standard 1 to 8

Gov.publish the Rules of passing of students 1 to 8

Following the above subject and reference, it has been decided to give meat promotion to the students of grades 1 through 8 by resolution of reference 1 of the education department.  So that the instructions to fail in Std. 5 and 8 as per reference 1 and 2 here earlier do not have to be applied for the academic year 2019-20.  How to prepare result sheet by teachers from different districts in this regard?  And how to give if I have to drop out of school (LC)?  It is being questioned.  All the schools in the state are asked to implement the instructions in this letter to ensure that there is no inconsistency in the result sheet and the dropout certificate () of the students going from one school to another.  After the lockdown, since the situation has returned to normal, students (cs and result sheets) have to be prepared. 

How to prepare result of the students from standard 1 to 8

In view of the current lockdown, the headmaster or teachers should not be required to come to the school to perform this task.  Under Evaluation, as per year, take the following considerations while preparing the result sheet of students from Classes 1 to 8.  Due to the situation of Covid-19 in the current year, academic work could not be done in the schools from 11/3/30, due to which the second written test (90 marks weightage) has not been taken  ), The first semester must take into account the total marks obtained from the assessment score of 3 marks and 3 marks self-study (1 marks first semester and 2 marks second semester)
According to Annex amela be given grades.  Reference – As per the resolution of 3, even if any student of Std. 6 and 7 gets 5th grade, it should be noted in the result sheet as “promoted from Mass Promotion to upper standard *.  , 0 1 and D 2 for Std. 1 and 23 and b 4 sheets for Std. 2 have to be made like every year. 2. As every year, give result sheet to all students from Std. 8 to 8 per student.  In order to take the second test in the school leaving certificate (c) to be given to the students, it should be done in the column of remarks “ascended from the mass promotion to the upper class”.  All government schools, grant-in-aid schools and self-reliant schools under your jurisdiction are not aware of this.
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