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By | 19 Jul, 2022

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Alankar : Presently there are many government Bharatiyas being conducted by the Gujarat government in which Gujarati Grammar is one of the subjects of the written exam which we are going to get detailed information about one Alankar topic today.

Gujarati Grammar : Ornament

Let us have a detailed understanding about Alankar in this article.

Meaning and interpretation of ornamentation

  • Alankar generally means adornment. Alankar enhances the beauty of language just as ornaments enhance the beauty of a person. The word is composed of “alm + car”. (alm = enough, car = doer) means the ornament that brings about a completeness that leaves nothing to be added. An interesting sentence in language is called an ornament. Embellishment creates beauty in language.

There are two main types

  • punctuation
  • semantics


Ornaments based on words are called Shabdalankara. The beauty of the language is enhanced by the arrangement of words in this ornament.

Varnanupras / Varnasagai

Varna means letter, prasa means harmony, varnasagai means the relation of one word to another. Varnanuprasa occurs two or more times at the beginning of a word in the same line or sentence.


  • Magnificent tide flowing in the ocean.
  • Kashima got the job done.
  • Dhanteras washed money and decorated sixteen decorations.
  • Asking is like death to an animal.
  • Lol at Saheer’s side

Shabdanupras / Yamak

The occurrence of the same word (phrase) or words with the same pronunciation (rhyming) more than once in the same line or sentence and each time it has a different meaning is called word rhyme or rhyme.


  • To go is to go.
  • A pan is a pan.
  • I used to go to the gym often.
  • Whoever reads a book eats a book

Inter-rhyme / rhyming

An inter-rhyme or rhyming chain occurs when a rhyme occurs between the last words of the first stanza and the first word of the second stanza.


  • Vidya Bhanio Jeh, Teh Ghar Vaibhav Rudo.
  • Mehtaji Nisha came, brought Prasad and did Uchchav (Uchchav, festival).
  • Know Jagdish, name Sheesh Sadguru.
  • Reached home singing Harigun, Vata Tal, Conch Mridanga.


Antyanuprasa occurs when each stanza ends with a word with the same pronunciation.


  • Jeni Jashoda Mavaldi, Charave Gavaldi.
  • No Hindus came out, no Muslims came out, when the graves were opened, human beings came out.
  • Le Kavchakundal now gave away, I am the one who cut off my two hands.


Alankara which enhances the beauty of the language based on the meaning of the word is called Arthalankara.


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