Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clear warning to China!

By | 20 Jun, 2020

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વડાપ્રધાન નરેન્દ્ર મોદીની ચીનને સ્પષ્ટ ચેતવણી!…

Tensions between the two countries have reached an all-time high following a violent clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Lavan Valley. In view of these tensions, the Prime Minister convened an all-party meeting of all national parties. After the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi briefed the nation. PM Modi clarified that not a single inch of India is in the possession of China and no one has occupied the Indian border and not a single one of our posts is in the possession of China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear that construction on the border would be kept as it is. All three Indian armies are capable of defending the country’s borders. The military is free to make its own decisions. Prime Minister Modi thanked all the political parties and leaders present at the all-party meeting.

In view of the tensions with China, the Prime Minister convened an all-party meeting of all the opposition parties in the country on June 19. The meeting was attended by 20 parties. The meeting lasted about 3 hours. After the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a strong message to China. Paying homage to the 20 soldiers and their relatives who were martyred in the violent clash in Galwan Valley, PM Modi said that they had learned a lesson from those who had raised their eyes in front of Mother India. The country will always remember them.

Sending a strong message to China, the Prime Minister said that no country in the world would dare to look up to India. India’s military, in different sectors, is capable of moving together. Over the years, India has given priority to infrastructure development in the border areas to secure its borders. Emphasis has also been placed on the needs of our forces, such as warplanes, modern helicopters, missile defense systems, etc.

According to the PM, the increase in patrolling has led to increased vigilance and immediate information on the activities taking place on the LAC. In areas that were not previously under special scrutiny, our movement today can be well monitored, suspended. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange

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