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By | 28 Jun, 2020

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facebook will put warning signs on all posts that violate the rules

Facebook has changed its rules and issued a warning order on misleading posts. Facebook said in a statement that it posts President Donald Trump Will put warning signs on all posts of ‘News Category’ of all politicians including which will be against its rules.

  • Facebook changed the rules
  • The decision to warn on the post
  • Violators will be prosecuted

In fact European company Unilever, which offers brands such as Ben & Jerry and Dow, has announced a boycott of advertising on Facebook by the end of this year, accusing Facebook of spreading hate speech and divisive vimers. As a result, Facebook’s shares have fallen by more than eight percent.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while refusing to take action against some of Trump’s controversial posts, said people have a right to hear leaders’ statements. In contrast, Twitter put warning signs on these statements

Facebook did not take any action on Trump’s post, on which Twitter has placed warning signs. Jenny was also criticized by Trump opponents and current and former employees of Facebook.

Zuckerberg announced the change in policies on his Facebook page. In it, he said, “The policies that are being implemented today. It aims at the challenges that our country is facing today

Zuckerberg said the social network was taking additional steps to mislead election-related information. It states that the false claims that frustrated the Facebook poll

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