Strict action will be taken if you make any movement from 7 pm to 7 am: Shivanand Jha

By | 3 May, 2020

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A total of 1.23 lakh offenses have been registered so far for violating the lockdown.Gujarat at a time when the police department is working tirelessly to curb the spread of the corona virus State Police Chief Sivananda Jai ​​was briefing about this at a press conference It is said that people do not go out to break the chain of corona, reduce contact with each other, do not move unnecessarily.In addition, for strict enforcement of the lockdown, any movement from 7 pm to 7 am has been banned. Police have conducted intensive checking.

Informing about the attack on Corona Warriors, he said that the state government took this matter seriously and anti-social.Takes action against Tvo. So far the police have done this Recorded 21 offenses of sorts have been prosecuted under aspect against 47 attackers.

So far, 623 cases have been registered and 1302 accused have been arrested for spreading rumors on social media In addition, 575 accounts have been blocked. Apart from this, a total of 2109 offenses have been registered through videography and a total of 955 offenses through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

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