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Subjects including new optional subjects, agri-tourism in Std. 11 and 12 courses in state schools; Vedic mathematics will be compulsory

By | 2 Jan, 2022

Education Minister Jitu Waghan tweeted information about new topics Approved seven optional subjects in 102 schools from 2021-22 and 223 schools from 2022-23 Under the new education policy, new subjects will be taught to the students of Gujarat schools to make them aware of Indian culture and heritage. Earlier, the government had announced to teach Vedic Mathematics to… Read More »

All Phone Data Can Be Deleted Even After It Has Been Stolen

By | 31 Oct, 2021

It often happens that the phone is stolen or lost somewhere. At such times the smartphone user gets into trouble, and runs the risk of stealing his necessary data. But no need to panic, here is a trick you can use to easily delete data from a stolen phone. Everyone has a smartphone right now, and everyone’s necessary… Read More »