Technology also does a great job of replacing the face

By | 9 May, 2021

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Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

More about Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

Reface allows users to put their face on top of popular GIFs, music videos, and film scenes. There’s also the option to swap your face on to GIFs. You can use options from Reface apps’ well-stocked library of almost every reaction image you can hope for via Tenor. The app collects information from a photo to analysis your facial features and then places those on the heads of celebrities, movie scenes, and other content.

Similar to the famous iPhone app Avatarify you can also upload an image and animate it with available effects. Face swap tech is more than just face-swapping. With Reface’s face swap, your selfie is mapped onto another face with convincing facial expressions and movements.

Reface is an app that allows you to create your deep fakes right from your smartphone. It is also advanced, fun, and well-known worldwide. Compiling your new videos at lightning speed, easily stitch your face onto a variety of scenes that come preset within the app. It is easy to download and install on your mobile.

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Features of Reface:

This nice image editor tool allows making montages from a simple selfie. You just have to take a selfie and then go to the GIF gallery of the application. Choose the file you like the most and tap on it. Wait a few seconds while the system works its magic for you and that’s it, your face is in that mythical GIF. You can share it on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or save it in the storage of your terminal. Combined with a daily updated wealth of source videos, gifs, photos, and pictures, you can make ridiculously realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. Reface will floor you as you morph your face, switch it with celebrities, and become a new person in popular TV and movie clips.

The app allows creating a gallery of selfies to choose the one we want to exchange at all times. It is a very cool tool. Change your gender, morph faces, and perform advanced face swap face merges with our state-of-the-art face changer. Share your awesome face swapped clip or funny meme as a gif or video to messengers and social media.

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