The biggest announcement regarding JEE Mains, JEE Advance and NEET exams, know which exam will be taken on which date

By | 4 Jul, 2020

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The JEE-Main, JEE-Advance and NIT examinations for admission in the best colleges of engineering courses, which were scheduled to be held in July, have been postponed again due to corona. The JEE-Main will be held from September 1 to 5, JEE-Advance on September 9 and NEET on September 15, the HRD minister announced this evening. Millions of students and their parents have been disturbed by the change of date. Now students do not understand how long to read and how much to read.

JEE-MAIN is taken for admission in BTech among the topmost engineering institutes of the country including IIT, NIT. In this, the student who comes in the top 20 is able to give JEE-advance. The second test was to be taken in April after the JEE-Main was taken in January. But it was postponed due to Corona and the new date was announced to be between July 15 and 6. While the advance was to be taken on 9th August. She was scheduled to enter the first year of medical-dental on July 9.

But exams have been postponed in all the universities across the country due to increasing cases of corona. Even in Gujarat, the examination has been postponed in all the universities. Because of this, JEE-Main, Advance and Knit will be taken in July or why? The guardians had doubts about that..

The decision to take Gujkat will be taken later

Although ACPC has not taken Gujkat and JEE for admission in engineering this year, registration will start from 9 am. Gujkat has been announced for July 30. But will Gujkat be taken after all the three national level exams are postponed? Doubts have been raised about that. “We have not decided anything yet,” said Anju Sharma, front secretary of the education department. Considering this, we will announce whatever the decision will be. No wonder the new session starts after Diwali

The ACPC will now register and wait until September

ACPC will start registration of engineering students from 9 am. But then the committee can do nothing. As JEE will be taken as late as September. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because of this the committee has nothing left to do until September. Gujkat is also expected to be postponed soon due to the postponement of JEE-Main.

However both Gujkat and JEE exams are different. Registration has been started only under the pressure of the state’s self-governing engineering college administrators. This is the first time registration has started even though Gujkat or JEE has not been taken. Admission to state engineering colleges is to be given on the basis of Gujkat. While on the basis of JEE, only 50 per cent seats are to be admitted. JEE has been optional

Until today, JEE was not so important. But this year, even five per cent of the seats in government colleges are to be admitted on the basis of JEE results. Fifty per cent seats in self-supporting colleges are to be admitted on the basis of JEE. Because of this, the decision to postpone Gujkat will be difficult even for the government.

Up-to-date of all three competitive exams. 

The number of JEE-Main students in Gujarat is about 20,000, 10 lakh in the country
JEE-Advance The number of students in Gujarat is about 6,000, in the country 2.50 lakh
The number of medical-dental net students in Gujarat is about 30,000, in the country 12.5 lakh

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