The Central Government Has Again Launched A Digital Strike On The Chinese App. The Center Today Banned 43 More Mobile Apps

By | 24 Nov, 2020

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The central government has again launched a digital strike on the Chinese app. The Center today banned 43 more mobile apps. The government has taken this decision under the 69A Information Technology Act. This is the fourth time the Chinese application has been banned by the central government. A total of 220 mobile apps were banned three times before this. A further 43 apps have been banned today.


43 Apps List : Click Here

The government has taken this step under Section 69A of the Notification Technology Act. The government has said in the case that the action against the apps is aimed at engaging in biased activities for India’s sovereignty, integrity, security and public order.

The Indian government has banned apps three times before. The government banned 48 Chinese apps on July 29. Which also included the popular app TikTok. Since then, on July 28, the government has banned 59 apps from taking action again. On the other hand, taking such a step once again on September 2

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