This special service has come to the people of Jio SIM

By | 3 Dec, 2019

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This special service has come to the people of Jio SIM
If you want to see who you communicate with during the day, who you send SMS or what data do you spend for it. So most people will say that they look into call logs / call history. But did you know that a special section has been given in the My Jio App for Jio Sim users? There is a section in My Jio App, from where users can see all the numbers at which the call has been made. Here, only the call-out call will not be available for the day-to-day, but the entire phone will be available a day before or earlier. How can you check if you have a Jio SIM?

In this way, call history can be checked in every person’s phone, the process we know. But do not know how to check the full details of a call from the My Jio App. There will also be an advantage in that you can see all the calls in the call at one place, how many minutes the number of calls was made to the number of calls.If you are using Jio SIM, keep your Jio App in your phone as it is a multi-service service that will be very useful to you. Open My Jio App to learn the call first.

Keep in mind that My Jio App is running its geo mobile data and has only login from your phone. Because if you do not login, you will not get any information for your call log, SMS, data.

Then you will see a lot of options in it. In this, when you scroll down a little bit, you will get the option of ‘Data Usage’. Tap on it.

As you tap on ‘Data Usage’, you will see four tab data, calls, sms, wifi, for the first time, you need to open the ‘call’ tab for information. Now you will come across a full list of calls. It may also be that you spend your money on the call.
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