TickleMyPhone App: Install, CALL-SMS details of one phone will be available on another phone

By | 15 Mar, 2022

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Gadget desk: TickleMyPhone is an app that lets you remotely control your Android smartphone using text messaging. With this app, you can do all kinds of actions by sending text messages from other smartphones.

The way Tickle My Phone works is very complex, but basically you have the following functions: In ‘Manage SMS / Text Message Rules’, install the app on which smartphone you want to control. Tick ​​the Tickle My Phone Commands box (if you don’t want to show every time an action is performed), and that’s it.

Once you’ve completed that step, you need to send a text message to the smartphone installed on that application. You can connect or disconnect photos, call numbers, vibrate smartphones, Bluetooth, and more.

Tickle My Phone is an interesting application. It can be dangerous if you want. how? Well, if you install it on someone else’s smartphone without knowing it, you can do all sorts of things without having to suspect your smartphone.

Key permissions you can share with other accounts:
✳️Check phone status – whether phone or display is on, internet connection (Wi-Fi, mobile and / or roaming), GPS status and more
✳️Live Video Streaming – Stream video from the camera (front or back) for video tracking

Download Application: Click Here

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