Unique case: MD student took only ayurvedic medicine and corona symptoms disappeared

By | 21 Jun, 2020

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Since there is no vaccine for corona, covid positive patients are currently treated with life-saving doses of allopathy. Those who have good immunity recover quickly. But one of the MD students of Akhandanand Ayurveda College took Ayurveda medicine only after Korona tested positive. In the three days since the report came, the symptoms of corona have gone away. It is currently quarantined as a precaution.

Even in 3 degree heat, those who drank boiled water have more than one benefit. The case of Dolly S. Solanki, a second year student of MD in Panchkarma in Government Akhandanand Ayurveda College, is unique. Till May 31, Dolly was working as AYUSH’s medical office in Samaras Hostel. He was then placed on a project to deploy police personnel, fire brigade and deliver ayurvedic medicine to doctors.

During this time he contracted the corona virus from somewhere. On the afternoon of June 14, he had a dry cough. In the evening there was a fever of 102.5 Fahrenheit with weakness. There was pain in the body and a headache. The next day she went to the Civil Hospital and had an X-ray taken but it came back normal.

Then from June 15, under the guidance of a professor of Akhandanand College, he started taking only Ayurvedic medicine. Within 3 hours, the symptoms of corona such as headache, body aches, weakness, all these symptoms disappeared. “I haven’t taken any allopathic medicine called zinc, limesi or any other supplement like that,” Dolly said.

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