Vidyasahayak bharti at Bharuch Jilla Girijan shixan pragati mandal sanchalit Aashram school

By | 10 Oct, 2020

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Bharuch District Girijan Shikshan Pragati Mandal Dadiapada Dist. Narmada Managed as well as Tribal Development Department Gu.Ra. Gandhinagar Recognized Assistant Commissioner Shri Adijati Vikas Rajpipla Dist. Letter No. of Narmada: Mak Aavi NOC. 2030 2 to 05 to 6-10-2050 and | Letter No.: MAK Aavi NOC, 2020 4 to 5 Dt. 09-10-2050 to NOC. Got,

Post Name: Vidyasahayak bharti

Education Qualification: Standard 12, PTC, BA.B.BED, PTC

Subject: English, Gujarati, Etc

  •  Candidates with the above qualifications have to complete all the required qualification certificates from school leaving certificate.
  • ReGister A.D. with passport size photos in autograph along with certified copies. From the day Behrat became famous
  •  should apply at the following address, 2. Passed the TET examination prescribed by the State Government for the appointment of Vidya Sahayak of the Primary Department and so on
  • Must have passed the TET-2 TIT-2) examination prescribed for the appointment of Vidya Sahayak of the primary department. New appointment as per the resolution of 7-12
  • The receiving employee will not be entitled to surplus protection. 2, fixed salary per month for Vidya Sahayak for five years as decided by the Tribal Development Department of the Government.
  • Will be paid, 3. Schedule Janashwati. If there is an ashram school, the candidate selected as per the norms of the Tribal Development Department of the Government
  • Living in the place of an ashram school is ‘Rajyat’.
  • Letter dated 30-1-2018 from Commissioner Shri Aditi Vikas G.R. Gandhinagar to the candidate selected as Vidya Sahark to perform the duties of the school.
  • Prices will be provided without accommodation. 6, as per the provision of the resolution of the finance department dated 07-06-2008 and the same number dated 18-06-2 M6

The new incremental pension scheme will be applicable to the employee who is appointed on or after 01-07-208. . Candidate may submit a copy of the application. Office of Tribal Development Officer Rajpipla Dist. Narmada M.V. Road, District Service House to be sent at Rajpipla.

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