Why is Mahatma Gandhi’s picture printed on the notes?

By | 16 Jul, 2022

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Why is Mahatma Gandhi’s picture printed on the notes? : You may have seen the changing picture of notes in your pocket many times so far. But one thing has not changed with these notes. It has a picture of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi printed on it. But do you know the reason behind printing Gandhiji’s picture on notes? And ever since Gandhiji’s picture was printed on the notes. The first picture of Mahatma Gandhi was seen on an Indian note in 1969.

Quora user raised the question a few years ago that more than one leader took part in the Indian freedom struggle. Many revolutionaries also sacrificed in the freedom struggle, then what is the reason that the image of Gandhiji was affixed on currency notes and coins. There was a discussion about this. There was also a discussion on whether Indian currency notes should not have a picture of Bhagat Singh during 2012-13.

Gandhiji’s popularity is the highest

It has emerged from the discussion that Gandhi became the most popular of all the leaders during the Indian independence struggle. The whole world has recognized him as a great leader. He is considered not only a freedom fighter, but also a philosopher and a pioneer of human liberation. Today, leaders from all over the world who come to India definitely go to pay homage to him at his Samadhi at Rajghat in Delhi.

What does the Reserve Bank of India have to say on this subject?

On this issue, the Reserve Bank of India said that it was easy to make counterfeit notes unlike the currency which was prevalent earlier, as it has a picture of something, while counterfeit notes cannot be easily made instead of currency. Gandhiji’s picture.

What did Finance Minister Arun Jaitley say?

In 2014, the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha that the Reserve Bank of India had decided that the note would have the image of Mahatma Gandhi, as Gandhiji is the greatest representative of Indian ideology and culture. .

Father Of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi

It was also said that other freedom fighters were not given space on currency notes as it could lead to disputes in various areas. Mahatma Gandhi has the status of the Father of the Nation, so there can be no controversy over his name.

How Gandhiji’s photo was chosen

Let me tell you that the picture of Gandhiji printed on Indian currency is not a caricature, but a real picture of him. This smiling picture of Gandhiji was taken when the English politician Lord Frederick Pathik Lawrence visited India. This picture was taken at the Viceroy’s House (Rashtrapati Bhavan).

Why is Mahatma Gandhi’s picture printed on the notes?

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