WiFi AR – the most useful tool ever APK

By | 22 Sep, 2021

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WiFi AR – the most useful tool ever APK

Visualize your existing WiFi/Cellular network in ARmode.

– Signal level: Find best WiFi access point (AP) location
– Speed value: Get current connection speed value
– Ping value: Find lowest latency in space to play online-games smoothly -WiFi&5G\LTE modes
– Interfering networks: Find neighbour networks that impact and reduce quality of your connection. Try to select another channel in router settings to minimize that impact
– Best WiFi AP detection: If you have more than one router, check if your device switches correctly between them

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Application uses ARCore, it will be additionally requested to download.

WiFi Signal Strength Meter – Network Monitor & WiFi Monitor can view your current WiFi signal strength and detect WiFi Signal Strength around you in real time.

The can help you Find the sweet spots in your WiFi network. The WiFi Signal Meter app is a simple tool that allows you to view your current WiFi signal strength.

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