Working news for WhatsApp users, if your WhatsApp account has been banned, here’s how to restore

By | 12 Oct, 2022

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WhatsApp is bringing helpful features to its users. Last month, WhatsApp banned the WhatsApp accounts of about 1.6 million Indians. WhatsApp actually restricts accounts that violate their guidelines. But there have been many cases in which the accounts of many users have been blocked for no reason. If you are one of them, you can restore your account using this in-app feature.

How will work

  • First of all, you have to open a restricted account and click on the Request Review option given below.
  • where you can once again request a review of your restricted account.
  • Following this request, WhatsApp Support will review your account once again and investigate all the legal issues that led to your account being blocked.

Violation of term and condition

After review, if the company believes that your account has not actually violated any of the terms and conditions, your account will be restored. At the same time, if the company confirms that you have violated any kind of rule, your account will not be restored. The Account Ban Review appeal feature is available on both Android and iOS devices

Next features of WhatsApp

  • A new section Author Name will be added to the group’s Message Info feature for WhatsApp Business users.
  • Users will also get the Order Shortcut feature
  • Users will also get the facility to export backups from Google Drive.
  • New features called Double Verification Code and Missed Call Alert are also coming in WhatsApp.

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